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Hong Kong harbour

Hong Kong Maritime Hub presents for the first time all the news, products and services in all the shipping and marine related businesses in Hong Kong.

By means of the distinctive Hub page visitors to hongkongmaritimehub.com gain access to complete profile of Hong Kong’s virtues, strengths and opportunities. Never before has the industry’s cluster in Hong Kong been so abundantly showcased to the rest of the world, making hongkongmaritimehub.com a key gateway through which global maritime industries can gain entry to Asia’s premier shipping hub.

Fundamental to the mission of hongkongmaritimehub.com is the ability to bring the territory’s existing players closer together both commercially and as part of a closely networked community.

On this unique platform Hong Kong businesses and individuals can get the latest information from over ten industry sectors. More importantly, by joining up today your business can become a vital part of Hong Kong’s virtual maritime hub. By doing so your company will gain unmatchable benefits, privileges and a cutting edge advantage.

Hong Kong Maritime Hub has been designed specifically to cater to all the promotional needs of industry players in the territory. You now have multiple channels to tell Hong Kong and the rest of the world about your company and display your products and services – direct!

Entire sections of the portal are devoted to the activities of each of the Hong Kong maritime industry sectors including: Shipping – Marine Services & Supplies – Ports – Law – Insurance – Finance – Government – Logistics – Education – Training to help you get to your target audience quicker and more efficiently.

Hong Kong Maritime Hub offers the following additional services:

  • An informative industry listing
  • Online recruitment service
  • The Maritime Hub event calendar

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