Wallem Wins Safety4Sea Tanker Operator Award

Wallem win Tanker Operator Award (Managing director of Wallem Ship Management centre)

Hong Kong-based Wallem Group has picked up the Safety4Sea Tanker Operator Award for 2017. The award was presented to managing director of Wallem Ship Management, David Price at the Safety4Sea award ceremony held in October in Piraeus, Greece.

The Judges announced that Wallem Group had won the Award For its Wallem Engagement Programme which is designed to proactively enhance engagement among both seafarers and staff ashore and to empower them with ownership over their own safety.

Wallem Ship Management has over 110 years’ of experience in managing vessels a range of vessel types including dry bulk, multi-purpose vessels, container vessels, PCTCs and tankers.

Elias Psyllos, vice president of Award sponsor of the Tanker Operator Award, T&T Salvage said: “Wallem Ship Management was one of our first and most distinguished clients as well as only Hong Kong based company who are a Green Award member and remains so with a reputation of the highest standards in corporate governance and integrity. The Company’s strong management controls, solid risk management, transparency in customer interactions, and full compliance with applicable regulations make Wallem to stand among the few companies with zero incidents in US waters that would activate T&T Salvage’s emergency response for a minor or major incident.”

Accepting the Award, Mr Price said: “It gives me great pleasure to accept this Award on behalf of Wallem and the 8,000 seafarers sailing on Wallem managed vessels. Safety is not something we simply talk about, but rather a culture that we want all our employees to engage in. Our safety culture is embodied in our “Wallem Engagement Programme” – designed to empower our ship crews with ownership of their own safety. We will continue to develop this Engagement Programme, with many initiatives that include more shipboard visits by senior management and a focus on seafarer wellness and health.”

Mr Price also spoke at the Safety4Sea conference held on the following day on the “Wallem Engagement Programme”, its benefits, focuses and successes in relation to safety.

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