The Port of Hong Kong Handbook & Directory 2016

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Hong Kong on show to the world

Since its earliest days as an important entrepot, Hong Kong has at­tracted maritime related firms and organizations from around the world. With it’s low tax regime, rule of law, free flow of information and the life blood of business offered by a premier finance centre, those (now more than 700) firms and organizations continue to thrive.

While Hong Kong’s maritime sector has not been immune to the ravages of what is already a seven-year downturn for global shipping, it has shown incredible resilience. A combination of a rich pool of talent, the institutional advantages described above, and a government that is alert to the benefits of this pillar in the territory’s economy, has meant that most have fared better than could have been expected.

Over the years, important governmental and non-governmental orga­nizations such as the Hong Kong Trade & Development Council, InvestHK, the Maritime Industry Council, the Port Development Council, The Marine Department and the Hong Kong Shipowners Association have worked cease­lessly to promote the industry’s interests and showcased Hong Kong to the world. From this year, along with the government, these organizations will be seriously be upping the ante with the establishment of the Hong Kong Maritime & Port Board.

Under the auspices of the new HKMPB all of these bodies will act in con­cert as never before to present industry friendly policies to government that will make doing shipping business easier and more profitable than ever. The new body has also been tasked with promoting Hong Kong as the premier maritime hub in the region.

In it’s small way the Port of Hong Kong Handbook & Directory 2016, which profiles many of the key elements of what makes Hong Kong Asia’s most important cluster, hopes to contribute to the showcasing of Hong Kong’s success story.


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