Stephanie Young makes a splash

The Hong Kong Government today announced the appointment of Hong Kong Disneyland managing director, Stephanie Young, to the Advisory Committee on Cruise Industry. Ms Young who has had a 26-year career with the Walt Disney Company recently arrived in Hong Kong to take up the top job at the Hong Kong theme park on 1 February 2019.

Ms Young replaces Samuel Lee at both Hong Kong Disneyland and the ACCI.

The ACCI was established on 28 January 2008, as part of the Government’s plan to further develop Hong Kong into a regional cruise hub. With members from key players in the cruise market, tourism industry, and the Hong Kong Tourism Board, ACCI advises the Government on measures enhancing the development of Hong Kong as a regional cruise hub. Matters of priorities for ACCI include:

Developing cruise tourism in Hong Kong and the region;

Fostering cooperation with neighbouring coastal ports in the mainland and in Asia for cruise itinerary development;

Driving market demand for cruise tourism and expanding the cruise passenger source market; and

Enhancing manpower supply to cater for the needs of the cruise market.

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