Rail-cruise debuts in Hong Kong

Thatcher Brown, president of Dream Cruises

Genting-owned Dream Cruises has been attracting Mainland tourists arriving in Hong Kong via the newly opened high-speed rail service.

As the only cruise company with year-round home-port deployment at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, Dream Cruises initiated Hong Kong’s first-ever rail-cruise recruitment campaign, which was complemented with a series of roadshows in key source markets along the high speed railway.  Throughout the month of November, over 1,000 inbound guests came to Hong Kong by High Speed Rail for a 2-night weekend cruise holiday aboard World Dream, the latest megaship of Dream Cruises.

Thatcher Brown, president of Dream Cruises said, “We are very excited about the new rail-cruise opportunities that the High Speed Rail (Hong Kong section) brings to the city, especially in the advancement in connectivity between inland cities of China which drives the development of the cruise industry in Hong Kong. Rail-cruise guests from the Mainland can now come to Hong Kong for a short weekend getaway of cruise vacation and freestyle travel in Hong Kong, with an unprecedented level of convenience and comfort.

“In partnership with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Dream Cruises is committed to drive the development of inbound source markets with continuous rail-cruise promotions, attracting Mainland travellers to enjoy the benefits of cruise travel in Hong Kong.”

Anthony Lau, executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board said, “The commencement of the Hong Kong section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High Speed Rail provides Mainland visitors with another convenient mode of transportation for travelling to Hong Kong, and benefits the city by attracting more overnight visitors from Central China and South China.

“The HKTB is delighted to join forces with Dream Cruises to launch the “HSR + Cruise” product which not only helps attract more visitors to Hong Kong, but also encourages them to start their cruise journey here. The HKTB will continue to work with the travel trade to introduce more innovative and unique tourism products to entice more overnight visitors.”

Dream Cruises promoted the rail-cruise campaign in collaboration with Hong Kong Tourism Board, through the first-ever high speed rail fare rebate program, which was launched in August. The first 1,000 rail-cruise guests who boarded World Dream in Hong Kong were entitled to an instant high speed rail fare rebate of up to RMB$400 per cabin.

Most of the rail-cruise guests were from cities in mainland China that were connected to Hong Kong via High Speed Rail without interchange, including Changsha, Guiyang, Wuhan, Nanning, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

To further complement the journey of rail-cruise guests, Dream Cruises will launch Hong Kong’s first in-town check-in counter for cruising guests in West Kowloon station, scheduled for operation in the first quarter of 2019. Rail-cruise guests will enjoy a seamless experience upon arrival in Hong Kong, where they can proceed to check-in their luggage and have a hassle-free trip in the city, before they embark on a Dream Cruise from nearby Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.



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