NYK awards Anglo Eastern’s VR safety innovation

The highlight of Japan’s NYK-led Fleet Safety Conference on 4 July 2018 was the “Brush up on Safety Awareness competition” won with flying colours by Hong Kong-headquartered Anglo Eastern Group for its use of Virtual Reality technology.

The objective of the competition was to encourage participating companies to effectively raise the safety awareness of their crews.

For the “Brush up on Safety Awareness” competition, Capt Vikrant Malhotra, director QHSE from Anglo Eastern shared a module on the conduct of vessel “Safety Familiarization” using Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality is engaging, immersive and easy to follow. It has been acknowledged as an excellent tool for training of the younger generation of seafarers who are better audio visual learners,” said Anglo Eastern’s director, Group QHSE and Training.

Anglo Eastern adopted Virtual Reality technology as a tool in its training regime in 2017, the first in the maritime sector to do so.

“We have created various spaces in VR like a forepeak tank, engine room, purifier room and so on,” said Capt Chawla.

He further explained: “The purpose is to familiarize young students with the ships in an immersive experience which is very close to actually being in the space.”

Early experiments with the innovative technology have received an enthusiastic response from students.

Shipping is often considered to be a traditional industry unwilling to adopt the latest technology, but attitudes are beginning to change. Capt Chawla claims that investing in the new VR technology is already paying dividends in terms of students’ involvement in the learning process.

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