Maritime Awareness Week reaches out to Hong Kong youth

Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Enjoy a Night at the Museum (31 March)

The Hong Kong Shipowners Association and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum are again holding their youth oriented career development event Maritime Awareness Week from 12-18 November.

Held just a week before the Hong Kong Maritime Industry Week, a first for the territory, there could be a fear that the latter will overshadow the former event. But in terms of long term impact the Maritime Awareness Week, which seeks to alert Hong Kong’s youth to the potential of a career in maritime, may linger longer in the mind of the young who attend the events that will be held during the week.

Activities during Maritime Awareness Week will include on-board visits to a ship, maritime information stands, shipbuilding history and development exhibition, modern ship demonstration stand, bridge simulators, presentations from industry professionals, careers advice and the chance to explore and experience the vast treasure trove of rich and fascinating exhibits inside the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.

A network of industry stakeholders will present an exciting array of educational activities throughout the week:

  • Ambassador’s scheme – in collaboration with the Education Bureau
  • Selective industry professional volunteers hosting discussion forums for students, parents and teachers (and public)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics workshops
  • Career Information tables
  • Ship visits
  • Family fun activities
  • Open days at the Maritime Services Training Institute in Tuen Mun (transport provided)
  • Computer based programme on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ships and shipbuilding
  • School band performance
  • KM Koo Ship Bridge Simulator workshops/sessions
  • Education Bureau Business-School Partnership Programme

In 2013, HKSOA and HKMM launched a joint initiative to raise awareness of and to generate interest in maritime careers in Hong Kong. Due to the low profile nature of the industry, the public generally remains unaware of the historic and contemporary importance of the maritime sector to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s continuing role as a vibrant global maritime centre has historically contributed to and continues to generate value-added locally sourced job opportunities.

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