Insurers respond to supply chain disruption

Hanjin Sooho
The collapse of Hanjin Shipping brought massive disruption to supply chains

Clearly with an eye on the continuing Hanjin Shipping debacle, Zurich Insurance today announced its latest product, Zurich Supply Chain Insurance, a first-of-its-kind solution in Asia Pacific, to provide risk assessment services and protect businesses against the risks associated with supply chain management disruptions, delays or failures. The service is available immediately to qualified customers based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

The risk of supply chain disruption is regularly cited as one of the top concerns among senior management and risk managers from leading global companies. Asia is a major global manufacturing hub and home to some of the world’s largest extractors, producers, exporters as well as outsourced service providers.  With outsourcing playing a vital role in modern business models, supply chain exposure is a fundamental concern for risk managers.  Building on the success of providing the solution in Europe and North America over the last six years, Zurich is belatedly the first insurer to bring the product to the APAC region.

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