Hong Kong Port dismisses alternative site

A suggested relocation of Hong Kong Port has been rejected

The Hong Kong Container Terminals Operators Association has rejected a recommendation by The Hong Kong branch of The Royal Institution of Surveyors that the port be relocated out of CBD3.

The future of the Port of Hong Kong has been subject to increasing speculation in recent weeks with the latest shot across the gantry cranes coming in the form of a submission by the Hong Kong branch of the RICS in response to the Government’s Hong Kong 2030+ strategic plan.

In a press release issued by the RICS the professional body suggests relocating the container ports in Kwai Tsing to Kau Yi Chau.

“The reclamation at East Lantau near Kau Yi Chau offers a good opportunity for Hong Kong to create a new logistics hub by consolidating the air, sea and land freight operations to serve the Greater Pearl River Delta, and regenerate the Kwai Chung/Tsing Yi area to become a new Central Business District in Hong Kong,” the RISC said.

“RICS expects Hong Kong’s future development needs to be vastly different from the estimates in the Government’s current plan, due to changes in demographics, technology, workplace strategies, as well as intensifying regional economic competition,” the RISC added.

The HKCTOA was quick to dismiss any suggestion of a relocation of the massive port facility. Unlike many ports in the region the terminals at Kwai Tsing are privately owned and operated and any effort to up-sticks to another greenfield site would incur prohibitively high costs the HKCTOA said.

“We do not envisage such a move any time soon,” the HKCTOA added.

Just two weeks ago the secretary for constitutional and mainland affairs, Raymond Tam told reporters that the Port of Hong Kong should no longer compete against ports on the mainland once the territory had been further integrated with Macau and nine mainland cities under the Greater Bay Area initiative.


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