The Hong Kong Maritime Hub: Tales from the Frontline

Building on a strong foundation

As Chairman of the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board I am delighted to reach out to you through this special supplement for the Hong Kong Maritime Week 2017.

Looking back over the 18 months since the establishment of the HKMPB, I am glad to note that the Board has been running at full steam. The success of last year’s Hong Kong Maritime Industry Week was a vivid illustration of the dedication and commitment of the Board. But, more importantly, it was the team spirit, drive and determination of the thousands of members of our maritime cluster coming together to showcase our capabilities.

This year we have ne-tuned the name of our week-long celebration to simply the Hong Kong Maritime Week that runs from 19–26 November. So far we have received an extraordinary response from industry participants, both local and overseas. At the time of writing, we are expecting about 50 individual events taking place throughout the week and across the territory. Each of them will be offering a unique perspective on the multi-faceted world of our maritime hub.

The phenomenal surge of enthusiasm so far evolves very much from the robust foundation laid down in 2016. It also con rms our belief in the proactive, industrious and creative nature of the thousands of maritime-related participants in our maritime-related professions.

Over the years, we have made remarkable progress to enhance Hong Kong’s status as an international maritime centre. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Maritime London in mid-September to strengthen HK-UK collaboration in driving for further development of maritime services, especially on manpower development and promotion fronts, for mutual bene ts.

While many issues and aspirations are long-term in nature, a number of examples of the progress we have made in fostering manpower development and enhancing ef ciency of our port and maritime services are outlined in the ensuing pages of this supplement. We shall continue with our best endeavours to pursue our objectives and collaborate with the many non-governmental organisations, trade associations, companies and individuals to make Hong Kong the best maritime centre it can be.

I very much look forward to meeting and exchanging views with as many of you as possible during the Hong Kong Maritime Week 2017.

Chan Fan, Frank JP
Chairman of the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board Secretary for Transport and Housing
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government


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