Höegh Singapore in dramatic Mid North Atlantic Rescue

On 18th July 2017, the Höegh-Wallem managed vessel, Höegh Singapore was involved in a rescue operation in the mid North Atlantic Ocean.

The Höegh Singapore, a Pure Car & Truck Carrier, manned through Höegh Fleet Services in China, was on her way from Halifax, Canada to Antwerp, Belgium when the team onboard heard a distress call about a distressed sailing boat. The call came in at 8:27 UTC on 17th July from the Joint Rescue Centre in Halifax. The Master, Captain Wang Shao Ping immediately ordered the vessel to change course and commence search and rescue measures.

After a day searching the area, the boat in distress was finally spotted late in the early hours of the morning of 18th July, the person (a Canadian citizen) onboard was successfully rescued and brought onboard the Höegh Singapore. It was later discovered that the sailor’s boat had experienced a catastrophic failure of the rig, rendering it unable to continue its voyage and very likely unseaworthy, a fate made more dangerous by the very rough sea conditions at the time.

Major Mark Norris, the Commanding Officer of the Joint Rescue Coordination Center Halifax and a Royal Canadian Air Force Pilot thanked Captain Wang Shao Ping personally: “You were instrumental in saving the life of the sailor. You and your crew should be very proud of the service you provided,” he said.

After being brought safely onboard the Höegh Singapore, the sailor was transferred back to Halifax and has since recovered from his ordeal at sea.

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