More Hanjin vessels find new owners

Hanjin Sooho sold yesterday to a mystery party in Hong Kong

With barely a week before Hanjin Shipping is officially declared bankrupt the shipping company’s creditors continue to offload its assets. More Hanjin’s ships were sold through a bidding process at Hong Kong’s High Court yesterday.

There were five 13,200 teu containerships built in 2012 and 2013 up for sale yesterday. In the event only four vessels were sold to nominees of unknown bidders. They were:

Hanjin Sooho: Two bids received. Sold to Melody Shipping Five

Hanjin Blue Ocean: Two bids. Sold to Melody Shipping Four

Hanjin America: Two bids. Sold to Melody Six

Hanjin Green Earth: two bids. Sold to Enterprise Leasing Two Limited

Hanjin Asia received just one bid, which fell below the reserve price. It will be up to the judge in the proceedings to decide whether or not the initial bid is ultimately accepted. Alternatively there could be a retender at a later date, probably in a week’s time.

Given the anonymity of the purchasers the market can only hazard a guess at their ultimate ownership. An eminent broker in Hong Kong thought it highly likely that the creditor banks had bought back their own vessels in a pre-packaged deal. This theory gains strength given that it is understood that both MSC and Maersk have expressed interest in chartering the vessels and deploying them in the 2M Alliance.


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