Gulf Oil Marine launches 2020 ship plan

The Gulf OIl Marine Team at a recent 2020 seminar in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Gulf Oil Marine, a leading provider of marine lubricants, this week launched it’s 2020 Ship Implementation Plan Toolkit.  The new documentation platform aims to provide guidelines to ship operators and managers as they prepare their vessels compliance plans for IMO’s 2020 global 0.5% emissions regulations.

Gulf Oil Marine’s platform is broadly based on the IMO’s 2020 ship compliance implementation plan. While the implementation plan is not a legal instrument nor is it mandatory to be used by ship operators, the implementation plan is expected to serve as a reference document for Port Inspectors to assess a vessel’s compliance readiness and subsequently compliance post 1st January 2020. More importantly, it provides excellent guidance for customers to plan and prepare for the 2020 compliance.

The comprehensive document is very user-friendly. It includes various sections; by way of an example, the section of ensuring fuel is compliant includes questions such as “have you made arrangements with fuel suppliers to secure fuel supplies for 2020 operation?”. Gulf Oil Marine’s platform will also include guidance on lubricant arrangements to ensure that ship operators plan and manage their corresponding lubrication transition to 2020 in the most cost-effective manner.

Keith Mullin, chief executive of Gulf Oil Marine, explained, “At Gulf Oil Marine, we realise that there is an opportunity for us to serve and help customers during the 2020 transition. In providing this toolkit, it’s clear that we have gone beyond just providing lubrication solutions; it’s another instance of us going-the-extra-mile for our customers.”

The company embarked on a major campaign in October with a series of 2020 transition seminars in a bid to reach out to its entire customer base.

Simply visit this site and register to access the 2020 Ship Implementation Platform


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