BIMCO offers time charter master class in Hong Kong

BIMCO, the world’s largest international shipping association is putting on a time charter master class in Hong Kong from 24-26 April.

The course will cover the following topics:


  • Time charter duration
  • Performance claims
  • Employment orders
  • Bills of lading under time charters
  • Loading, stowage and discharging
  • Dangerous goods
  • Safe ports
  • Time charter liens
  • Case studies, and much more


The organization is drawing on local talent for the sessions including the highly respected arbitrator, Philip Yang, partner at law firm Stephenson Harwood, Andrew Rigden Green and BIMCO’s China liaison officer, Wei Zhuang.

The aim of the course is to highlight the various problem areas and consider ways in which parties attempt to allocate risk.

The cost of the course is Euro 650 for BIMCO members or Euro 850 for non-members. However, the course is subsidised by Hong Kong’s Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF) where an 80% discount is available for eligible applicants. Please refer to the MATF website for details and application process.

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